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Women Empowering Women

Yep! We're going to chat about this tag line. I love it, but also like any movement, I feel like there's an underlying discomfort in people's minds. If you haven't noticed, I am ALL about lifting others up and encouraging everyone to live their simple and sincere lives to the fullest. Go follow your dreams! Go move mountains! Go do all the things and change this world for the better!

But in the midst of lifting others up and helping others chase their dreams, some times that comparison game comes in. You've also probably noticed that life goes in seasons... scratch that... days go in seasons. Some days I am a go-getter! I am working on blog posts, my apartment is spotlessly clean (for maybe 5 minutes), I'm caught up on homework, I've planned about 5 fundraising events and I'm speaking at 2 benefits. Sometimes I spend the day watching 15 episodes of Grey's Anatomy. And on those days that I am diving deep into the lives of Meredith Grey and her surgical genius, I happen to pull out my phone and pull out Instagram...

I scroll, and I see all the incredible things that all those empowering women are doing and I get down on myself for taking a day of rest. Umm hello? Come on Maddie, you just spent the last few days moving mountains and being a rockstar and you took ONE day to rest and replenish?! Anybody else ever been in this boat?

Here's the thing friends, you can move mountains while other people are moving mountains. You can also be resting when others are moving mountains. Others can be resting while you are moving mountains. But you guys, moving mountains is hard work. You can't expect yourself to move the entire rocky mountain range 1) by yourself or 2) without taking a break every now and then.

Here's where Women Empowering Women comes into play, or rather let's call it people empowering people. Encourage yourself so you can encourage others, but take time to rest, and when you do, keep encouraging others. You have been given specific gifts and talents that are leading you to specific tasks that you are called to do, but maybe others aren't called to those same things. And the beautiful thing about that is without all these different callings, the world would be SO boring not to mention SO not cool. Be inspired by how those around you use their gifts. Let inspiration be the key to helping you discover new ways to use your gifts.

Now go move some mountains.

Simply, Sincerely,


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