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I sit here writing with a pain point in my heart as I see and hear about the difficult news in the world. Afghanistan has fallen. Haiti is in ruin. And here I am, nestled in my corner of a free country with so much privilege.

I don't want to write the wrong words and fear holds me back, but I can only imagine the fear that others face every single day. In perspective, my fear seems minuscule. I'm starting to learn that it's messy, no matter the decision I make--it's how you navigate your decisions that speaks to your integrity as a person.

If you are in a similar headspace as me, one of hurt and desire to help, whether that's Afghanistan and Haiti now, or whatever pain our world may endure down the line, I always go back to these three things:

  1. Awareness

  2. Acknowledgment

  3. Action

Be aware. Learn the facts. Know what is happening in our world. If you live in the world, you are a global citizen and part of the global community.

Acknowledge your position. Do you have power or platform or privilege? Do you have a voice you can use to make others aware? Do you have time, money, or energy to give?

Take action. Take a step forward to help in some capacity. Find organizations to give to. Find services or items to donate.

Hope for Haiti

Haitian Health Foundation

Project HOPE

Women for Women International

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services

International Refugee Assistance Project

Simply, Sincerely,


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