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My Plan for the New Year

My plan for the new year: to plan less!

If you know me, you know I like to keep busy, and I love planning things. After all, my degree is focused in event planning. I will fill the blank, white pages of my planner with my color coordinated pens; every ounce of my day from 7am-9pm overfilled with this and that. I like to know I am using my time to the absolute best of my ability. I will tell people I can, never turning down a chance or opportunity. But sometimes those "can's" turn into overwhelming "can't's."

I bought myself a new planner for the start of the new year, and I was beyond excited to open up the box! Until I realized I didn't actually read on the website when ordering it the SIZE of the planner...whoops... came in a little bit smaller than I'm used to.

But then I got to thinking. If my goal for the new year is to plan less, then a smaller planner gives me less room to plan! Funny how things work out. The Simplified Planner from Emily Lee was about half the size of my Day Designer from Blue Sky. I loved using my Day Designer, but I thought it might be time for a change. I will give this little tid-bit of advice though: READ THE PRODUCT BEFORE YOU BUY IT.

Throughout 2018, and just life in general, I have found when you try to plan everything, nothing--and I repeat nothing--ever goes as planned. I should know this considering in my event-planning degree we are encouraged to have a plan B, C, D, E all the way down to Z. But nonetheless, I've realized that by letting go and letting God, more doors seem to open, and better opportunities than I could have created for myself seem to sprout up. I'll take those God-given chances over a plan-Z any day!

With the start of each new year, everyone makes resolutions (which is quite evident in the first week if you walk into any gym), but then no one every seems to keep to them (evident by the second week of January if you end up in the gym). Life gets busy, we all make excuses, and the old ways seem to be the easier ways to turn to. That's when you have to find an accountability partner. A friend, a neighbor, a family member, whoever that maybe, make sure they hold you to those new year's resolutions! So I am asking each of you: keep me accountable. If you see me running on coffee and little sleep, stop me, remind me to take a breath, and remind me that I cannot do it all, and no one is asking me to.

Just a girl trying to live life more simply,



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