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How to Lean In

What a crazy time it's been. I never thought I would be sitting here writing a post about how the world is hoarding toilet paper and misses sitting restaurant booths. To be honest you guys, I am a planner, I always have been, and the uncertainty feels like the rug is being pulled from underneath my feet time and time again. I feel a little shakey on uneven ground.

I know I'm not alone out there, so I felt led to write. I spent my final spring break before graduating constantly worrying, changing flights, and trying to plan what tomorrow holds when all of a sudden the CDC throws a fork in my plans.

We live in such a fast pace world, and I have a feeling God is telling us in this time that we need to lean in and listen, He is preparing our hearts and minds for something.

Have you ever heard of the sabbath? When God created the world, He created rest, even for Himself--the maker of the universe. If God took time to rest, wouldn't you think He created His creation to rest?

This is the time that God has given us a choice to do one of two things: lean into worry, fears, and anxieties, OR lean into Him--peace, grace, love, encouragement, joy--and listen. I am no expert at how to lean into the Lord, but I do know a few things.

First, whatever you celebrate, you will replicate. If you are celebrating the busy, you will replicate busy. If you are celebrating the fear, you will replicate fear. If you are celebrating anxiety, you will replicate anxiety. But, if you are celebrating peace, you will replicate peace. If you are celebrating joy, you will replicate joy... Get the picture? Now is a time to make a choice about where we set our eyes, our hearts, and our attitudes.

Second, listening means you have to be quite. When I am on a phone conversation with my dad (who I call wayyyy too often as a 22-year-old), we sometimes talk at the same time, but neither of us can hear what the other is saying when we are both talking. Novel concept, I know. In order for me to hear my dad on the other end of the line, I have to be quiet and listen. The same goes for prayer. If you are trying to listen to the Lord, then you have to find stillness and quiet in your prayer to just listen.

Last, examine where you are at in life and what is going on around you. God has purposefully placed everything in your life. This includes community, where you call home, your church, your family, and your job. Listen and be aware of what others are saying--sometimes he speaks to you through your day-to-day life.

In order to lean in, we must be quiet and listen, be aware of what God has brought into our lives, and make a choice on what we are wanting to replicate in our lives. I hope this post provides peace in the uncertainty. Right now, we can't plan for tomorrow, as much as my type-A planners would love the feeling of stability. In this shakey time, trust that there is a tomorrow and that tomorrow will always provide.

Simply, sincerely,


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