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Dreams with Seams

Yesterday marks one month away from an idea becoming a reality!

So here's the thing: i'm a big-time idealist. I dream big until someone can "real" me back in. The idea started out of no where (much like most of my crazy ideas). Of course, just like any other time I have a crazy dream, I have to tell someone about it! I went to visit a friend of mine and we began bouncing ideas off each other. We need a name, a logo, we need to publicize this... We were dreaming big: launching an event that will help girls find their worth while helping them find the perfect prom gown.

Dear women in the world: we have all been there. We have all judged ourselves, felt less than confident, and wanted to try to change something about our bodies. I am caught red-handed as well. Now try to remember back to those high school days. Do you ever remember trying to fit in, morphing into a perfect image of what society wants you to become? I do. And I know I am not the only girl who had those thoughts.

So what if I started something that could help these young girls, who struggle with self-worth, find their beauty from the inside out? What if we could also give them confidence so that they feel beautiful on their prom night. (because let's be honest, in high school, that is the #1 most important thing on your mind).

My mind started racing with thoughts and ideas of how I would carry out the plans for the event:

I would need dresses. How would I get them?

I need to market this. How?

I need volunteers. Who will be willing to help?

I need girls who are in need. Where can I find those who need the most love?

What if we could pamper them too? What about a makeover?

Things started falling into place and out of place. The initial thought of launching as a nonprofit organization was a flop, but so many other things fell into place. I reached out to everyone and anyone I knew. This is where the importance of community came into play. So many people were willing to donate their gently used dresses to the cause. People started saying they would be willing to help in any way they could. Blessings started pouring over this event.

But here's the thing: it started off as an idea that I had doubts in. At first, I believed it was a crazy endeavor to take on by myself. It still is, but I don't care! The world would be a boring, self-absorbed place if no one was willing to take a jump and go the extra mile for those in need. And what I have realized is no matter what crazy endeavors you jump into, you are never going at it alone.

Although I am starting off small, I am starting somewhere. I encourage you, whatever your crazy idea may be, go for it. You never know where it might lead. Start small and grow with it. Maybe I will only be able to help 10 girls this year, but the hope is next year that number will grow to 50, and the next year, maybe I become a nonprofit. The possibilities are endless!

Want to help out, but don't know how?

Well I'll tell you how! I am still accepting dress donations, shoes, jewelry, makeup, and hair products which will help me out greatly. I am doing this on no budget except my own bank account, which any college student can attest to as being very dry. If you want to volunteer on February 24th, 2019 to make these young women develop the truth of their worth, comment below, and I will make sure to send you more information! There are also T-shirts for sale that are helping cover the cost of the event! Make sure you check out these cool designs and purchase one to support!

I am beyond excited to see the outcome of months of hard work. It's been an adventure and quite the learning experience, but I can sincerely say it was worth it!

Simply, Sincerely,


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