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Dreamers, Dream.

I've hit a wall.

Not literally, only figuratively. If you noticed my last blog post is over a month ago (whoopsie!) Although, I'm choosing not to apologize for not writing, sometimes that's just how it goes! I have felt the biggest lull in my creative juices. And then I realized something--it may take creativity to write, but it takes the human experience to share. The human experience is vulnerable, the up, the down, the in-between, the "put your right hand in and shake it all around" (just kidding! That's the hokey pokey!) You get the point. So right now, in this moment, I knew I needed to write something for me. I needed to write some encouragement.

I hope this encourages you too. I wrote this poem (?) if that's what we want to call it, in my journal a while ago and decided to type it out here. Maybe in these past 6 months of quarantine, you have felt unmotivated. Maybe you have felt less than yourself. Maybe you feel mundane, maybe you feel anxious, maybe you feel lost, maybe you have felt alone. Maybe you feel like the dreams you once had don't match up, or line up, or measure up. My dear friends, I'm here to tell you, I understand, and I am here with you.

Dreamers, dream.

Have big expectations.

Expect to fail. Expect to grow. Expect to learn.

Show up. Keep working. Have faith.

Give what you can, take what you need.

Connect, build, relate.

Live big. Live in the space between. Live in the moments.

Moments make up the hours that make up the days and the years.

Make the moments count.

Chase. Pursue. Follow.

Don't settle. Never settle, but accept where you are--

You're right where you need to be in this moment--

Let that knowledge sink deep into your bones.

You have to start. Just start. Anywhere, it doesn't matter where.

And take steps. They don't have to be big; little steps work just fine.

Dream. Never stop dreaming.

Never stop believing.

Simply, sincerely,


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