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Sorry not sorry for all the posts this week celebrating #ChildrensHospitalWeek. This week (March 19-24th) I am helping grow support, awareness, and donations for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. I cannot stress enough how important CMN Hospitals are and how much help they bring to children everywhere.

So here are the facts:

1. Every minute, 62 kids are admitted to a Children's Miracle Network Hospital

2. 32 million treatments are given each year across the U.S. and Canada.

3. Grants don't even begin to cover the costs of treatment and keeping your kids healthy. That's where donations come in. That's where YOU come in!

With the Miss Oklahoma Organization, I have been able to go into Children's Miracle Network Hospitals in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City. I have met numerous children including JuJu, Megan, Emily, Steven, Hope, and so many others. These kids changed my life for the better, but they also helped me realize a cause that's greater than me.

So many kids are able to climb, run, dance, play sports, and sing. But so many kids are in and out of treatment, stuck in a hospital room, and only wishing that they could be "normal." Every dollar makes a difference. Every dollar can save a life. We have the power to give so that doctors can give these children the absolute best care and treatment possible. Take a chance, give a dollar, and make a difference!

Here's a link to donate:

Thank you so much for your support!

Simply, Sincerely,


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