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Blackberry Cobbler

This past weekend we celebrated Father's Day, and if you know my dad, you'll know that he loves a good blackberry cobbler! Of course, I also do not fall far from the tree--any mixture of sugar, fruit, and a crumbly crust makes my belly happy!

There are so many different modifications of a good 'ol blackberry cobbler that you can find out there. This one is a modified recipe from Call Me PMC --with a little bit of a simple twist. I will say, I am a pro at making a giant mess of the kitchen, so if you're like me, this recipe keeps the mess at bay!

Here's what you'll need:



+Baking Powder




+Boiling Water


+Lemon Juice


After a nice father's day dinner, this was the perfect treat. It's dad-approved--bowl licking and all! Maybe this will even be a new Father's Day tradition.

Simply, Sincerely,


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