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a semester of sincerity

They say college is all about learning who you are, where you want to go, and what you want to do, and oh boy has this last semester been anything but the truth behind that statement!

Does your GPS ever say "Use the right lane to go left?" (google maps I don't know what you are trying to get at whenever you tell this confused driver where to go, but I listen and somehow it always works out). Well... that's exactly what my road map told me to do. My path was set straight and my eyes were focused on the road, but I needed to take a turn and I never expected it to lead me where It went. If you want the full recap of the biggest life decision I have ever made, catch up here!

I remember sitting in my old adviser's office telling her I wanted to change my major to psychology, and I remember her looking at me like I was crazy. Yep. I 100% was, but I had trust in the Big Man. He will always have my back and his route was better than any road I could map out for myself. Anxious, and not sure where I was suppose to be going, I took a huge leap of faith, and four months later, I don't regret it for a second.

Psychology is one of the most interesting things I have ever studied in my life, but that's not the only reason that I am at peace with this last semester. As many of you know, I have struggled with an eating disorder for three years of my life, and although my health and mental well being is leaps and bounds better than where it was when I started the process of recovery, the thing about recovery from any addiction, disorder, or illness is that it is a journey you make everyday. Switching to psychology allowed me to find peace because with my body away from the dance studio mirrors and an environment that hurt me and my self-worth for three years of my life. Do I still love to dance? Absolutely! I love the joy it brings when you break free from a graded performance and dance for yourself, which is exactly what I am able to do now. I love being able to teach dance and empower young girls and boys to find the beauty in their strength and talent rather than in comparison between themselves and the dancer standing next to them.

I am also so thankful to psychology for showing me my purpose. I know now that I am on this earth to heal the hearts and minds of others so that what ever struggles, pain, or hardships they are going through, I can be there to lighten their burdens. Mental health is important for people to flourish and find peace in themselves. I am overjoyed to be able to go into a field that values mental health, caring for others, and loving God's children in the best way know how.

It's funny how carrying 13 credit hours instead of 20 credit hours gives you time to think and discover who you are at the core. Being able to have stillness this last semester has helped me grow in so many ways and identify other things in my life that were not bringing me joy. I challenge you to do the same. In the hustle and bustle of life, it's hard to find peace and stillness, but when you do, you are able to find yourself. Connect to you and your desires. How can you make you the best you, or better yet, how can you love on others and encourage them to be the best they can be too?

This past semester I have found everything I have been trying to blog about: Simplicity and Sincerity. Simplicity in the stillness, Sincerity in the purpose. It's funny how all along it was there, I just had to find it.

Simply, Sincerely,


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