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A New Frontier

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

I think writing has always been a passion of mine. Every since I was a wee-little one, you could find me writing fairy tales, changing up lyrics to my create my own, and becoming lost in the words on blank pages. But there was always something that kept me from sharing those whimsical stories with the world.

God gives us talents to live out his purpose for us...

...but fear keeps us from living it fully. It's about time that I stop living in the fear of what other people think. I came to the conclusion that those who want to read my writing will, and those who don't... well they won't. Sometimes you may like what I have to write. Sometimes you might not. But nevertheless, I will write! I leave the choice for you to read or not in your hands.

So here I am, being simple and sincere to who I am:


simply, sincerely,


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