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8 Healthy Fridge Essentials

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

From my previous post, you already know I'm living on a college budget. But part of self-love is self-care, and I am all about treating my body right by fueling it with good foods. If there are foods that are readily available that you know will give you the energy to go about your day, you are much more likely to grab those healthy alternatives. So I give you: 8 healthy fridge essentials!

1. Blueberries, and Strawberries, and apples Oh My!

First up, the trick of the trade: put your apples in the fridge if you don't already! It makes them crisper and sweeter, and there's nothing like a crisp, sweet apple! I love basically every type of fruit, but some of my favorites are berries because they're perfect to top off any snack! Throw some blueberries on Greek Yogurt, strawberries on top of some oatmeal, or combine a berry medley in a delicious smoothie!

2. Eggs--how do you like 'em?

Personally, I like mine sunny side up, that way I can clean up the runny yolk with my toast for breakfast. Ya'll, eggs are the best because you can make them so many ways: eggs for breakfast, hard-boil some eggs to put on a salad, or salt and pepper a hard-boiled egg later for a snack. It's a great source of protein throughout your day.

3. Almond Milk

Some people have told me that a nut and milk should not go together, but I disagree! Almond milk is essential for my fridge because it goes in my morning juice: coffee! Let me tell you the secret to my own "Starbucks" hack: Almond Milk Honey Latte. Take a little honey, take a little almond milk, froth it together, add it to your coffee and... Voila! You've got a yummy coffee drink that's wayyy cheaper and more time efficient than sitting in that long Starbucks line!

4. Greek Yogurt

One of my favorite little snacks is a little Greek yogurt parfait. I typically buy the individual cups of yogurt for some protein, add some whole grains with my favorite granola, sprinkle in some blueberries, and top it off with a drizzle of honey!

5. Veggies

Yes. I did say the dreaded word! I use to hate eating vegetables, but now I love them! To make it easy on yourself, prepackage veggies in a little baggie so they are easy to grab and go for a snack. I love having celery, baby carrots, or sugar snap peas at the ready. Often times when I am busy, veggies are the snacks that give me the most energy compared to other snack choices. If you don't like eating vegetables by themselves, you can always pair celery and carrots with some peanut butter or hummus.

6. Turkey Breast

Perfect for sandwiches, perfect protein, perfect for on the go. Want a fun snack idea? Make a mini turkey and cheese roll up! It's a quick and easy way to get a little extra protein in your day.

7. Avocados

Healthy fats are essential to any nutritious meal, and avocados are super easy to add to a meal. I love putting avocados in wraps or on sandwiches, throwing them in a salad, or spicing up my morning routine with avocado toast! Also, little hack for the next time you make guac... mix in a packet of ranch dressing mix! It will change your life!

8. Perfect Bars

I have tested out a lot of protein bars, and these are by far my favorite. What's a protein bar doing in the fridge you say? Well the cool thing about Perfect Bars is that they are a refrigerated protein bar. If you need a snack to keep you fuller longer, this is your new go-to. So many flavors to try!

For me, healthy is a lifestyle, and when you think about it that way, healthy doesn't have to be a hassel. The more you make foods that will fuel your day available, the easier it will be for you to live life to your fullest. Make it simple!

Simply, Sincerely,


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