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5 Things to Make the Best of a Snow Day

As I sit here writing this list, I am thinking of all the things on my to-do list that I could be working on instead of writing this blog post, but I strongly believe that God sends us snow days right when we need them as a reminder of peace, patience, and stillness. I mean, come on! How can you not look at those little flurries falling from the sky and think how beautiful?!

So yes, I will probably at some point today be sitting on my couch, bundled up, laptop perched in my lap as Chip and Joanna Gaines talk on low volume on my tv so I can finish writing two research papers and topic proposal for my capstone. (This semester you guys is a tough one!) But, I will also use today for a little fun and a little stillness.

So I give you 5 things to make the best out of a snow day:

1. Have a Photo Shoot

How often does it snow to start with? (Okay, some parts of the country maybe more than most), but what would be more fun than capturing moments in a winter wonderland? Even better, build a snowman, make a snow angel, bring out your inner child! You're never too old to experience the magic of snow.

2. Go Iceskating

Depending on how bad the roads are near you, this one might be tough. I don't know about you, but all the holiday movies on Netflix make me want to live the life of the characters--including ice skating with a white blanket on the ground!

3. Harry Potter Movie Marathon

I like to stay in and stay in my pj's for the entirety of the day if I can. Turn on Harry Potter, or Marvel, or Disney movies--whatever floats your boat!

4. Pretend you're on the Great British Baking Show

I fully intend on baking a nice warm loaf of banana bread today. Go make a mess of your kitchen and win (your own personal title) of the Great British Baker!

5. Paint like Picasso

Anyone up for some multitasking? Invite some friends over, put on some movies and get creative. So many good stories can be shared over a canvas and a palette of paint.

simply, sincerely,


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